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Related article: Date : Wed, 16 Jun 2010 01 34th 46 -0400 ( EDT ) From: jacobmillertex aol. com Subject : Under the Mask: Chapter 7 { Under the Mask is pure fiction. I have 21 years at time of writing this story. Any resemblance to other events, names and events of life is inferred. If you are under age, (according to the laws of minor importance as in your country), if this literature is offensive to you or anyone in your display area, or is illegal for you to display this content, which was read , then quit in history. This story may not be reproduced or distributed in any manner or form without my express permission. Like I want to thank the volunteer editor of your time, do not require that to thank you for your work. On behalf of the readers and I say thanks anyway ! } Posted by JPG Chapter 7 (point of view of Alexander) At first I thought I was dreaming. Gradually I realized that it was a dream, that is really happening. I opened my eyes to see Matt hanging over me. that le nThey Sandra Model Jpg came to kiss me, like I was playing with my dick in my sweats. As we kissed I started the leaves and put on my sweats. before I could do nothing else, Matt grabbed Sandra Model Jpg a hold of my cock and began to me masturbating. I could not help but moan in Matt 's mouth when we kissed. Matt suddenly broke the kiss. He made his way to the tail quick. I tried to stop him, but he has my cock in her mouth before she could spit the first word. I've never felt like this before in my life n. It does feel good mouth around my cock. Matt keeps going up and down on my cock closer and closer to Cumming. I'm not much of straw, as it does not cum n weeks. I can not even remember when I tell you last crack at the truth. I grabbed the back of the head of Matt and controls the speed, sucked on my tail. A couple of times actually hide glue with teeth. I not say anything about it. It hurt, but what really made me feel good. He said he is a Sandra Model Jpg veteran of giving head. Could, in fact, be their first time. do not think he was sucking my dick for five Sandra Model Jpg minutes when I came to my height. My toes curled up, held my breath, and spoke to Matt warning now that shoot my load into her throat if not let go of my Dick now. " Matt, baby, I'm almost over man, I have the pleasure with sperm, you better... " that was it, I began to shoot. At first I felt bad that I can not write time for Matt to let go of my tail. Now I'm on the set the mouth. Instead of pulling off to Matt started sucking every last drop is , that my dick. That's when I felt better. He has done wanted to kill my semen in the mouth should I shot seven or eight times before Matt let go of my cock. It occurred to me stomach, still hard as hell. It seems it can go another round with Mat. I have simply no time. I just wish I could return the money to This. " Matt The Hammer was the man to wake up as you can, around the mouth of mDick or y on my lips every day. Thanks for the reminder. I will pay ; trust me, I will. " You smile All Matt, not to say a word. He took a towel and a wash of cloth, and then threw me Sandra Model Jpg out. As I cleaned, I put my clothes I go use during the day. a few minutes he would be dressed ready. Before leaving the room, Matt gave me a kiss ass long. I played with the cock of her s through Sandra Model Jpg his pants. man, this guy is hard as a rock. only wish I could fall on your knees and pull the tail. I want in my mouth as well bad now. Charles has teamed up with Matt and I as we headed to the cafeteria. I could not avoid a bounce in my step and whistling as we passed. I Carlos said. If he asks, I lie to say. I can use the message was me last night as the reason. just Matt and I know the real reason. After taking, eating what I wanted, I went to the dining table. just \\ \\ n sat joke about yesterday's game, more focused on howwe played the day before. No NFL team will look to us for all your teams ! I suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder and then a burning pain in my change. As soon as the left hand on my shoulder, I felt like my back is drawn out of me. I screamed in pain and then my head fell only breakfast. With his face in my eggs, I felt stupid. I felt like a donkey to see all I have seen at this time. The next thing I knew, I was drawn of my plate of eggs. Carlos saw me from the other. It s actually destroyed Sandra Model Jpg the egg on the face. He knows I can not see anything less than what I am. The toughest, biggest asshole of them all. The next thing I felt Matt 's hands by my side. He talked to allow Carlos to be free who is going after. Matt simply shouted the same thing over and over again. Between each time I looked to me with tears in his eyes. "Get Alex now in the medical wing has been stabbed. Get a guard to stop by Alex Nos medical wing. At some point someone help please ask a guard cursed it. " that was giving up Matt. Refers looked into his face. He is the wiping his tears with his sleeve and his best to contain her tears. He clung to only me more guards arrived. I really do not know what to do. keep me question after question. finally reached someone in the medical department. was seen as a nurse in the first, then a physician. really do not know if there is a here. All I know she scrubs and look at my wound. medical questions about my health and where it hurts. she put me gently beside me and grabbed my shirt. one of the buttons medical personal holding several pieces of white cloth, which stabbed. I part n, and the other for writing the table to be yours. with the help of Matt, who rose on the table. Other medical staff When I move. the first two things called that just arrived. Then ºand to be with a white cloth over finished his hands. The other doctor who looked down and only said something. " " We need to get the medical department now! " lifted me and threw me almost running on the stretcher and began to Press the stretcher in the hallway. We went through several doors until reaches a space that is completely white. they listened to the stretcher and immediately me off the couch to a bed. the last doctor who showed up, leaned over me and finally spoke of the first time, at least for the first time myself. " We'll have to put on. If ever you have a deep stab in there. It even seems to be broken so every time you use it to stab n. If you wake up, it's over. " All I did was nod. All I could think is that I hope that this type is a doctor. Really hope he knows what he's doing, because Sandra Model Jpg if dying \\ \\ n after meeting Matt, I do not know what to do. put the mask over his face and asked mto start counting backwards s hundred. The last I saw Officer Jackson will be in my with a worried look on his face. Medical staff tried to remove it from the the road, but he did not move. (perspective CARLOS ') After Matt grabbed a hold of Alex, I started running after the boy, who Alex stabbed. I was not even in first gear down. As he tried to around the corner, approached him. I want to kill this motherfucker, that is even stabbed Alex. Once I reached the top of the guy, I started hitting him in the back. I stop until he was moving underneath me stopped. Once he gave me the s about. I want to face the person who tried to kill Alex to see. I see, these guys before they tear it from his shoulders. When I turned around, I started calling the crap out of him. as I looked at his face for a moment, I froze. I could not believe that there was. How the hell he got here? How in the world, who has returned to so soon? It my senses again, and began to beat the shit out of him. No my way to go, so the guards take him, without him I the verge of death. I want Sandra Model Jpg to kill this man so bad right now. I cried over it. I kept. Although cried the pain, he covered his face, I stopped. It took several guards, let me it. Once they did, I shot the guards in front of the face on the floor. a put his foot on my back I did not cry to move an inch. At this point I knew I could not do anything else. I looked and saw When the guards took Bobby. They dragged him screaming in pain. Then guards lifted me and threw me against the wall. They put a number of wives in me. As she held them, I heard the voice of Mr. Henderson. " go gently to a child's fist. Does not look as if he resists everything you do. You must use only the wives when you resist these guys. " " Lord We were kind in the top of the other beating the shit him. We must ensure that these prisoners do not try everything to us. " " First Officer, what do you do in this wing. assigned " B" wing. And If I'm right, you just remove a child from here belongs to the " B" wing. How in the world has a confinement in prison to get Building ? "N " do not know, sir, but I'm going to find. " was Officer Jackson at this time. He looked at me and then to guard. It seemed that I was not looking for Mr. Henderson. Sandra Model Jpg He knew, , there is something really wrong here. \\ \\ n " officer Jackson to be the guy to have a quiet room. Then will This officer in my office. I want answers from you an official from the moment you arrive. When you need me to know that you need. I think, you know that allow inmates to stab another inmate in this building or a himself, sir, " Henderson said. Mr. Henderson left. It seems that the position physicians wings. Officer Jackson seized me. Hand showed where to go. I did not say anything s, I started running. I know I 'm going to build " B". You have no choice, but for me in building "B " set. All we have is not having anyone in this building to protect Alex. I know he did a great job, but people do not mix with us from the fear of what will happen if they were. official Jackson opened a quiet room and shoved me in. A quiet room is where they put prisoners when they overflow. We leave here to think they have established. Then we will build "B " is over. ( Henderson POINT OF VIEW ) "official Damn, please tell me exactly how this happened ? Like a prisoner in your building, in an enclosure, get to another building ? to top it off, stabbed another inmate in the process. " I closed the door when Jackson and the other officer walked in I mostly screwed here. There is Sandra Model Jpg no way to survive when Alex cooperating with us more. In the few weeksIt was here that we have more information on the tables, as we have in decades of searching on the outside. Alex not only gave us all the market leaders in this volume of this level, but all above. Even if there is a change in leadership, he said. that never knew how these things always has been reported in the here and then the system jail. But with Alex, we need to know everything. We controlled the is in the coming and going outside the system. All I had to do is protect this child. Now he is fighting for his life in the wing called the medical wing. The staff sent us hospitals around the city have not been done in hospitals to close n here. that really fucked with Alex. There is simply no way to ever trust me again. He is not one to trust here. The really sad all this is that it feels safer in the gang life. After all the hard work , is back in the gang life. ", Mr Henderson, I swear I do not know how Bobbyfrom his residence in this building. I am the watch Sandra Model Jpg commander, and The Buck Stops Sandra Model Jpg Here. So I will to take the suspension without pay. I have no answer for you. " " Fuck the officer. There will be suspended without pay ! They paid s very nice, it has asked you to do it for them. No, sir, I will not stay the n. I'm shooting for this work. " Applemen officer just looked at me. I could not believe what I just heard. " Wait a minute Mr. Henderson, I can not what is happening fired. You I can suspend but not fire me. That 's all I can do without any the test. " " Oh, I Sandra Model Jpg think I want Sandra Model Jpg to get the evidence. I have not finished with you, officer! You are not only shot he was put under arrest. The prosecution is trying at this time accessory to murder. When Alejandro Garcia died, the charge is to change. " " What the hell can not accuse me of... " " Officer Jackson, handcuffs, beaten and locked. Official Applemen in many murders are entangled att,advanced the murder, and connected the activities of the gang. They are already under investigation by over a year. Trust me, I have enough evidence to remove from your life. If I go, and start the occupants in the building " B" pressed to give you, you give up in a New York minute if it means having the opportunity to out of here instead of going to jail. You are not one of the it. They protect only their own. " I went to my desk and I asked my secretary, admitted to police he scheduled to begin cleaning the house, but not with this officer. I left with no choice but to start with. once the information that Alex has for us the day we put in with the other , I decided that was enough. is necessary to get rid of all the guards in Bad place once and for all. Even when you get hit against him, , which are gone. " Gentlemen, please you former employees into custody. "I opened my desk drawer and pulled out a file. " You can book for this fee now. moredown the line soon. " that the police handed a sheet that was signed by the district attorneys. They felt these fees is in this sheet with embroidery the evidence we have. After delivering the police, the road carried out Applemen in custody and out the door. I turned and looked at Jackson. While sitting behind my desk I said it's time clean the house. from the new change comes, we do to output change. that means that the dismissals and arrests some more. at present to do for everyone. If Alex not return to his gang life Sandra Model Jpg he is not a call to go help. same time, I know I Alex, he is not stupid. was not on any watch. he held one or two \\ \\ n the bag if needed. I also know I want more officers have the left I do not want here. ( POINT OF VIEW oF JACKSON ) n I spent most am at Henderson office cleaning home as he called it. When he finally left the AFTERe, i was grateful. Many of them are life companions gone, dirty on them. that s allowed to rule the almighty dollar and have it ignore the sworn oath. I went to the quiet room, where we set at the beginning of Charles the morning. When I went to Carlos rose from the ground. No bed, the table, chairs, or in this space. It is only four white walls of the occupants to go around in " Carlos, you know, what makes this morning, we have no option then in the construction of position" B ? " I understand why you did. But sat in a corner, and Mr. Henderson, we can not really over. " " I understand what you said Officer Jackson. as you , sat in building "B ", please put me in the castle. Without looking Alex for me, I'm a dead man there. make it look like an accident but Alex will know, and I can not set Alex in this position. he has to leave here, you have to get to the fight and start a life for themselves. deservesmore than any other I known. " Charles I looked. Are these guys for a high code never live understand. More and more I respect them for it, because no matter what always protect his fellow gang member, even if it means that killed or go to jail for life. " Carlos want to do a deal with you. Please tell me you hear before a word. " " I know Officer Jackson. But if you want to sell Alex I will never do. He and I grew up together, we are like brothers. Although we are not the same blood in our veins, we act as if we do. " " No I will Sandra Model Jpg not ask Carlos, Alex was exhausted. I know I did not. No Charles, I need your help on something else. It Alex, but in a good way. Alex is still in surgery, but touch and go. Bobby knew exactly which to attach the stem to the maximum damage. He stopped inside Alex. This makes things even worse for the medical staff in the again. I know Alex is a strong boy and he will. Well, if you do, we fear if you wake up not going to want to work longer with us. We are afraid he will think, we can not protect it more. We made mistakes in this very badly, no doubt, it. But... " went to Carlos to explain what we were doing. But Alex can not guarantee the security of one hundred percent, but we have. I said, we need more of what you really need us now. at first Charles was confused by my last comment. I knew I had to further explanation, and I did. given with all the help and information, Alex with Sandra Model Jpg us in recent weeks makes it out of control in his 21 Birthday " Look, I have fear of Charles, he will turn again to feel that his life of gangs, because No safer. This would be throwing away any chance he has of to get out of here. Make sure that it does not. I'll put it back in the building " A" as long as you make sure Alex did not return GaNg life, but to help you believe in ourselves again. We protect it now. This situation was now beyond our control. Honesty We have as much as we can to make sure that Alex is safe when you return. " " Now, Officer Jackson, really... " " Carlos, you get something in return. Not only will you get return to building " A", I'll have to spend time every week for you and your well with others. " Carlos I see the face of his fall. Thought he was right about what is dealing with Dabria. It may seem silly at times, but we do not. We let go due to help yourself and have us. are n directly Sandra Model Jpg from a a distance to make sure it does not go too far when they are together. " Carlos, we know everything that happens here. N does not matter whether we are here o, we know. We are aware of their conversations, meetings, and when they meet two. You can do that now and not hidden Dabria out. There is only one rule. There can be no real sex. Anything is a , provided that it never cock. If so, it's over for the two. " " Ok, I'll do what I can for you. Believe me I know Alex and you do not I need. When he comes through, will not blame you. He knows this is his life. He really believes he will never leave here alive. " Now it's up to me. I could not believe what Charles just said. Alex truly believes , you will die here. He has put his head that the only way to \\ \\ n to leave this place through the back door in a box. Oh, no need, to change this mentality. " Why are you think, Carlos? We have made every effort to keep safe. Except today we did a good job. Why think Alex in this way? Will leave this place, when the time comes. " " We know the system here. We have in this system, almost all of our life. You can protect Sandra Model Jpg a lot, but if you want dead, has dead. Nothing, Mr. Henderson, you can do or someone to be it. Alex is part of a growing family in fear. His father is where he is because all ruled by fear. If these guys here do not kill due to the position of the wishes of his father, his father was killed, because Alex does not live up to its responsibilities as a parent. " I still could not believe I have a small child like Alex n living in your On the other hand, every day. How can you live with the threat of his own father kill his own son will kill and how Alex can live with the fear that someone in Sandra Model Jpg this band from him, because he is the son of the band s leaders ? 's Carlos, a Sandra Model Jpg young man comes in and let us take you back to your room. Remember you can not tell anyone what we talked about. so things are I find a credible punishment for you. "OK n Carlos and returned to his room. Once we got there, I looked. I could not help but wonder if these two children were raised in another home or another part of town would be like, they differORL for them? ( Carlos term ) After Officer Jackson went, I sat on my bed. I could not help thinking on Alex. Not only this type go through surgery if you are ready, not to go to bed. N can have the ugliest sense of the need for anyone. I heard a knock at my door. I do not even bother to ask who he was, I knew. I simply asked the person at the door to enter when the door open and entered Matt's face, I could not stop smiling. " Come to my main man Matt. Sit with me and have a drink and a honey rolls. Right now I need a friend around me who could have left me. " n " you trust me, Charles ? I thought you hated my guts ! " " If Alex, who is Sandra Model Jpg more like my brother, I trust you, then I trust you. One thing about Alex does not Sandra Model Jpg know, it's very hard to earn your trust! was not brought to trust a soul. He taught that when the trust a someone who is a time when he will die. Sandra Model Jpg " " Do you think that Sandra Model Jpg 's what happened this morning is Matt? Alex GEt stabbed because he chose to be with us, instead of returning to his band ? I've ever heard of a band can go when you're in, "said Matt with deep concern. " You got that right out. No, not stabbed Matt, Alex, to be, because hanging with you. He and I fucked. We sat in the wrong side of the table for one. We are always sitting on the side, back to the wall looked up. Thus we can see everything and everyone. I screwed up wasting time instead of seeing Alex again. Alex implemented the rules with these guys, and some do not like. Alex was there s leaders, and had not moved at all. Alex made ​​sure that all the n understood who was responsible, not more like him. Take you select one of the things I said and no more that I can not say. no Matt, it was not you or your friends that this causes. It is the life that he and the n I chose to live. It's like a soldier. The soldiers know when they are not putt Remember that supportIng their lives in the line of this Country. When we choose to bring the colors of the band, we knew we could die early age and at any time. " Matt and I talked through the afternoon and after dinner. We were waiting together, trying to sell time for any word in get Alex the state. Nothing came out off the lights. Matt was in his room while I tried to , to get some sleep. I can see now why Alex is so fond of Matthew. He shows us a person who may have \\ \\ n Sandra Model Jpg been if life will participate. Matt made ​​a mistake and got convicted the wrong time. in election years the judges have to look too more difficult for those who break the law! poor Matt parole would have if n is not an election year. Matt showed me what could be if you really want to try to change something. so means to me is that crime is not the way out. is the way to the end, but not the formthe door behind her. I really think Alex tried to be like Matt because he wants to leave this life behind him, not only here, but if leaves. The next morning I knocked Matt to get him to go for breakfast. that responded immediately and left. Normally we have to keep our doors open, but Matt has earned the respect of his staff on call around to make money as will change or something. All about breakfast all I hear is talk about what happened here in the day before. Almost everyone looked at the table where I sit. I did not make the same mistakes over and over again. I took the seat on the wall overlooking everything and everyone. on medication a few days before hearing anything about the condition of Alex. three days passed before anyone about Alex 's condition, he said. When we found anything, just the word was that he got through the surgery. There s nothing more than that, I was so worried about how I got it the day it was stabbed ! Throughout this time I was with Matt at night. If we have n ot watch TV in the lounge, we were playing in the yard. that just wanted something to do to keep busy and our minds the fact that we did shit about Alex. On Friday he could not bear to wait any longer. I want to know what was going on Alex and I want it now. I approached the guard, who checked all come and go through the medical service. He gave me enough to run the about. All I could say to me that his mother was a time Alex came out of surgery. This is not really helping me at all. I wanted more than that, but we know that not let me watch to see Alex. The guard told me, basically just the family, and even then only once a week, unless your bad. (point of view of Alexander) All I'm seeing now is night. For some strange reason I can not open my eyes. I know my mind should be awake. I hear people talking around me. I hear machinessounds like a madman. I can not open my eyes, no matter how hard I try. I woke up with a clatter of dishes awoke on the floor. I have that again asleep. How could I be asleep when I did not even eyes open ? Is this how it will be for the rest of my life, because stuck in my head, talking, screaming, but nobody heard a word I mourn ? Once again, I hear the same voices around me again. The last thing you can remember at breakfast on Monday morning. We were dumb n as we ate. I felt throughout my body never felt Sandra Model Jpg before. I can not be explained even know what it is. All I know I was happier than he had ever this morning. For the first time I have someone in my life but my blood, who loved me. Then that feeling of happiness was gone. I was breaking into a nightmare with a released the throbbing pain in my back. The immediate pain shot across my the body in seconds. I have never felt anything like this before. First, Carlos hugged me, then Matt, someone did not know. I've always been in and out until they told me to count backwards from a hundred, I think. Now I'm here trying to listen to me, even to speak. The voices talking around me was. Gradually, the faded into the distance. I think they are the medical staff was working on me. I could be wrong, could make Sandra Model Jpg me ready for the undertaker for burial. I must have fallen asleep again. I was back with a trail of bite the pain in my arm. He left, but wait, here it is again. What in the world , it feels like to stab someone to do it again and again with a needle n. That's when I heard a new voice. " Lord, I can not find a vein attempt. That over and over again to try, but not a. Can you please help me ? " Said a voice " no, keep trying to find one. they do not care for the patient. He is the n in state hands. so you can learn about them here, instead of in a hospital truth. can mess up and not be a matter "said a voice seconds. What the hell is ? I am a man, no matter where I am. I the leg, but they deserve medical treatment. Oww ! Damn it woman! If I could move want the needle damn hands down ! Are you stupid or what? In the eighth or tenth attempt, finally, the needle in the arm. If necessary the blood of me, all you need to do to place a container under the arm. I have a lot of blood from all the stab wounds in the arm. Suddenly I felt my chest tightness. I can not breathe! machines are now. Voices, I mean, many voices started all at a time. I can not see what they say. That was it. I faded out again. I woke up feeling something in my throat. This time I'm listening to the voices , I know. One of them is my mother and the other sounds, such as Jacob. It has really torn on who is speaking. Always try again to get a word in edge wise, but Jacob will not disappoint. " Look, whether you get a real doctor to hisE or the transfer of Mr. Garcia to the district hospital for treatment. Otherwise, one or the other , which will, Mr. Garcia is Sandra Model Jpg a very rich man when he Sandra Model Jpg goes from here. " ", Mr. Hernandez, who did not have the resources or the money to Mr. Garcia moved to the hospital. As soon as he was sentenced here, owned by the State. You can scream and shout all you want, it will not change that fact. so if you do not mind that I have had several other patients to see. " ", Mrs. Garcia, stay here with her ​​son. This is not over yet, ma'am. I to talk to them who is responsible. " not feel sorry for Mr. Henderson, who is with Jacob. He does not belong to want to make an enemy. I have learned that the hard way. I had thought been after all, I felt my mother to pick up my hand and rub it. " Alex, please take this with my son. I can not live here some of my children early. Parents should go first, not the children. Alex please leave this for me, PLEroast... " that disappear when my mother spoke to me. Do not think they knew I heard that. But I did and will do my best to succeed. I n can not have a shit chicken of my life. of any way I can to stab this guy in the back and not ask me no. I was awakened by someone who really rubbing something on my legs. who was started rub my thighs, and made his way down to my toes. Then I went to my other leg and did the same. do ' so Dr. Whitmore, you agree with what we've done so far? Mr. Garcia with a little luck on waking. He does not care if he can walk again. " " Lord, I 'm not that kind of approach to any of my patients. I s many patients in my office, should have died but still live under the. You are mistaken, not only Mr. Garcia wakes up, he will walk again. I promise, and his mother. For the time will stay away from my patient. unless there is an emergency, you or your staff does not touch him. I thatNurses to treat here. You will not get in his n path. Henderson adopted two of my sisters, and they alone is the agreement with Mr. Garcia. " " That 's fine with me, Dr. Whitmore. A little fear is gang s great for me. I just wish that these children are killing each other just before to become adults. Save our company a lot of money if they did. "N " You know what ? I do not know how you came to lead this department, but that will change. I say and do anything to your extracted license. You will not be able to treat dogs when I'm done with you. Can not remember the first part of the oath we took when we became doctors. does not change when the patient is an inmate of a state. Everyone will see must be no discrimination, no matter what. " that the doctor who is like him. The name I know. From my point of do not know, but it will come to me. The next thing I heard to do is give the instructions of its staff. You will work in the morningING and the other is working through the night. From the looks of that I'm alone in the care of employees to be here at night. However, his two sisters, and he is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. He left and became the first nurse. He began playing with the machine. Once done, they again did what he never did the sisters here. I have been I think he has a new IV line for me I did not know what day it was, but knew it had to be here because in at least a few days. Now the time has stopped. I'm still in my head s thinking and talking me Sandra Model Jpg down. Do not even know how much time has passed, as I heard the doctor again. " Dr. Whitmore, you were right with what he saw in the pictures. Is screwed to the original surgery. They left behind a piece of it, the more probably will not make the patient wake up more. to us, if we eliminate that, the rest of parties must return. " " Thank you, Dr. Mitchell. I needed a second opinion. I respect you, because We worked together onthe past. What we did together is nothing short of a miracle. I should know, can you help me in this case and put aside their disgust of the patient. " " Yes, Dr. Whitmore, I can help and set aside Sandra Model Jpg any resentment. Look, you fully brought to our miracle. If Jacob had given to this type, which we not do the same ? I will do everything possible to Jacob. " " Thank you, and I agree with you completely. We'll wash and get to is. The faster you go, the faster we can fix the mistakes of the fool n done here. " As the two talked, because finally the names. Are Jacob doctors. Jacob told me about them in your letter and in person during his visit to me. Now you're here to help me. in fact, these two doctors told me, Sandra Model Jpg Jake. not know the end meaning of the word. seem never to have seen one case, a penalty not can solve. I always said Jake is sitting here, because the hands of these doctors. it patched and did everything again. I felt someone ato me again. You are working on machines. Then I felt the bed begin to move. I've heard of going through the bed several doors before it stopped again. I have heard one of the doctors asked if he had given me, which led me to the fired yet. When he answered, I knew who he was. It was the day nurse the office of Dr. Whitmore. He simply replied, " Yes, I gave the the patient prior to injection to bring it here. Must be within the next few minutes few, sir. " next thing I felt is a mask placed over his face. That was it. I was made. The last thing you did before the mask and the shot took effect, is to pray. I'm not religious, but that's a good time to pray, if you. " Dear Lord, I pray for your help. I know have never heard of, from n in front of me now. I'm not a religious person, but I need you now. I suck \\ \\ n was one of my life. If I die today, I need your forgiveness. who have never visited a church, spoke to a priest,even went to my knees in the night praying to you. I tried to kill not just one person, , but many in my short life. I was beaten, stabbed, shot, robbed, lied, and forced others. since I can remember, I have not done anything good in my life. Now that probably deserve, the recovery time. If it's my time to die, please forgive me myself for all the sins I have committed in this life. If you give me another chance to stay on this earth, I promise I will do right. I will do everything possible to keep Sandra Model Jpg the bugs that I noticed is already in my will, life. I live well. I can not promise to go to church, but I can promise to pray more than I do. Please help me Lord, please. Amen ! " ( Mathews term ) When Friday rolled around I felt more empty than ever felt in my life. I thought that I want to try one with yourself. I I know it known Alex during that time yet, but to my knowledge. I can not explain feeling I have now. All I can say is that if someone was really in love has beenknow you have that feeling. Carlos and I are friends closer. Let me change that. We have friends since Alex stabbed. He is almost exactly like Alex. None of the are two of the gang life to speak, and I will not ask. But I would not kill a friend as Carlos had my side. He is to ready to release the damage done to avenge his friend. I do not know if this is part of the Carlos holds a position in the band, or if is pure friendship. Whatever the reason, I want a friend like Carlos. After dinner, watch TV, I went to the living room. I had n a lot of homework to do, but like the rest of this week, I do not feel it. I in the potholes at this time. I know that when Alex finds out, will be mad. I I can not help, though. as filled the room, I felt uncomfortable there on around the world. All it asks me if I know the stabbing, before meeting down. No matter how many times I say 'No', asking me about y again. I even tried to defend Alex all. Again, no matter how many times I say or how I say I do not think Alex gives life about. Almost all of them repeated the same words back to me. " Once a person in a gang, who are always in Sandra Model Jpg a gang n, and even more because the father of Alex. Alex is evil and evil good. I needs away from it as soon and as soon as possible. " the only people who really do not speak ill of Alex are my friends. in the at the same time, do not speak well of him. Basically, they are stay away from the subject at all. I suspect that is the best. Thus there will be no fighting between us. In the living room filled decided to go to my room. Although Alex has just for a couple of weeks here have been, I miss everything. All you have In this room there are four walls, beds, dressers, two two and me. I work with of issues to think about. Somehow I fall asleep to me. Not a good night's sleep. I stoppedssing over in my bed and woke up every few hours. One of the few times I I woke up thinking, I saw Alex in bed. Sandra Model Jpg I looked down at his side, and he is fast asleep in his bed n. Although it looked bad, at least you are in bed. I approach my eyes to Take to adjust to the darkness of the room. However, what I see Alex his bed, fast asleep. I said to myself, no way. I had heard how he got no way to , because it has awakened me to leave as soon as the guard. It nothing but a dream. I wish I still half asleep, so wrong, I am imagining now. I turned toward the wall and vanished dream. However, it seems real to me. It really seemed that Alex was there when I woke up. Man I miss as a result. All he wants to come back with me. I want your arms around me, protect me, what I feel like the world would see it. With all my worries Alex disappears. (Point of View of Alexander, a dream) When I wake up I look in my room in my mothome. I know it can be true. You can not go home. This is a trick of my mind plays to me. But still feels so well back home again, even if it is an n Dream All of a sudden my father comes into my room. Now I know this is a dream. so and I have it locked up. Even happy. In fact, it seems that The man who became known shortly before being arrested again. Without saying a word, my father goes to bed, throw the covers, n and pulls me out of bed. With all Sandra Model Jpg his strength, he accuses me of space. Before I can get my foot back, my father over me! starts to punch me in the chest, belly and all, except my face n. At first it did not say a word. He just sits on hitting me I n. All I can do is try my best to protect my face. " No son of mine will be weak. You must learn to take a punch. You must learn to finish with a bang. I need to harden before the afternoon tomorrow. you are in the process of taking intor our family once and for all. " My Sandra Model Jpg tears clings to me. I'm not letting him hit me. fought less, finish faster. Several times a month will be s in my room to do this and I say the same things. After 15 Sandra Model Jpg minutes or so it hit me, my father has. look to Sandra Model Jpg when he looks into her eyes. hate when I see the way he looks at me now. know it's not very happy with my right now. " Junior, you have to start fighting. You may like to anyone over that. It is a sign of weakness. You will be killed if people are found, indicates that you are weak. If that happens, not something I can do, such as is. " " Dad, are you he hit me. I can not hit my father. This is a sign of the lack of respect for you if I do that. " My father hits me in the face really hard. " I do not care if I 'm there, of his mother or his brothers, who come to you like this, you will fight to return. If so, Sandra Model Jpg you live and I dIng have to kill me, Junior. I not hesitate to kill if you become a threat to me. Mark my words Junior. It's time you realize that only the strong survive in our way of life. " My father leaves the room and made me threw me on the corner. I sit and look where my father beat me. I see some bumps n and start bruising. It is a dog is going to be today. I'm on the ground, dressed and out. When I go to the kitchen of my mother is gone. I grab myself a bowl of cereal before I speak go me. before you can eat in the end, I heard Carlos. " Hello, test ! How is your relationship? Are you ready for entry to the gang tomorrow? I'll tell you how, after being burned tonight. " look at Carlos. The man, who is young. Seems to be in fourth or fifth class. I'm starting to freak out at seeing so young Carlos. Run some mirrors. Damn am young again as Carlos. I must be an n fourth or fifth GRAof. Carlos comes over to me. He looked in the mirror. We were both look in the mirror when my father went with his friends. no Charles, nor do I see my father walking to the door until it was too late. Close the door, called me the finger between the doorframe and the door. I 'll scream in pain. It hurts like hell. Instead of my dad helps me, he leans against the door with his weight pushes the door n even harder on my fingers ! I'll start to scream even louder. No way my fingers are not broken now. I look around me, with tears rolling down my face, because the pain of the shots up and down my body. I can not believe that friends of my father actually Carlos are still holding back on me. Carlos is struggling to get as much free n , but he can not do. " What were two bundles of firewood to make it look in the mirror together? That I will not have has a son who is a fagot. I'll kill you first before turn n This area acts as a sissy. what I mean JPurchase? What you were here together in the mirror to see how little love birds? " " Dad, I swear, Carlos and I are not fagots. We were sure that likely to come out. You always told me that they will not look like crap. " " You're lying Junior. I can see it in your eyes. Now tell me the truth , or I 'll break not only the fingers, I'll break every bone in body! " before you can say something that opens the door to my father. At this point I so much pain that I've seen my father flew a fist coming at me. Once connected my face I'm flying across the room. This time I lose my balance, but I 'm surprised. I stand protect my hand, which was at the door, when my father comes to to me. that blow after blow to the land do not worry about my body, where he meets me. that s just keeps hitting me over and over again. " I'm not queer as a son. I will knock you to the FAG. If I kill , so be it. Either way, you will not be gay. " At this point in my Father takes me back to the wall. I do not know I'm not protecting my bad side more. My father takes my hand and it expresses the way stop at the closet door. I could not do anything else to shout at the top of my lungs. I thought I was in pain now, but still nothing. My father has to the wall by the closet and closes the door again and again back on my elbows. Listening with the third time, I swear, break my bones. Then, like a voice from heaven, I hear my mother, my father cried. I see them pushed him off the road. I slide down the wall and fell on my back s. I can not move my arm because of pain. Just as I see my father, my mother out of the form pushes me. Before returning to the stars for me, better than my mother several times. As soon as it is she looks down, starts to kick me in the ribs. I can not protect myself, my ribs or a part of my body at that time. With the broken finger y several bones in the arm and elbow, I can not do much but sit there. I s only want get the pain was so bad that Sandra Model Jpg I just happened to be. Once again, my mother tried to help me. This time it's my father with something. He is not looking for anything else for me. My successes mother him in the head with a saucepan. My father turns around, but a a few more blows to the head. My father falls to the ground like a sack of potatoes. Carlos finally free and runs to help my mother picked me up from the ground. as Charles y my mother took me out of the house, turn around and my mother told my friends the father, " There is no doubt that the neighbors heard noise for all. you must choose a better piece of shit and out of here. that as well as I know that if he caught he will not see the light time of day for a very long time. " n that need to have passed Sandra Model Jpg between the front door and the car. The next thing I knows, Carlos slapping me to wake up in the face. With your help we in the free clinic in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. We could not go to a hospital in El Paso . They ask too many questions. The police get involved and take me away from my mother. No, it's better that way. We must continue to quiet. We are happy that we live in a border town. The doctor looked me up and take several tests of my hand and arm. at the same time in the X-ray development, go to the people against me. To clean all cuts Sandra Model Jpg and scrapes. Once the doctor had X -rays, which ended patches from me. The hospital already knows us. Do you know who my father and my grandfather, so do not ask questions. They did not wait for us. We have been on the patch, the best of us and send us. I've stayed here several times, as , my mother and my brothers. After all is said and done, I have received several broken bones in the arm, the elbow. Each finger is broken out of my thumb. The doctor wrapped my arms in a mold like a mummy. My fingers stuck in their tracks. That was all I could do , so we left. At the time I really did not want to go home. To tell you the truth I was feargo home. I know my father will be there and if not, that is soon. I tried to tell my mother, but she did not hear anything I have to say. If we get home I 'm glad my father is not there. My mother is Charles y of me, so I get to work. Once I saw my mother turned the corner , Carlos and I went home. Nothing was said to be. We look on your home during the day. We know that is This evening, Charles of being beaten by my father's gang. This is the form We are part of the band. They are called in the blood and blood. We spill our own blood, to be part of the family. about eight or so we hear the cars go. Carlos Miro involved my dad will be there. Carlos and I know. I had n is a word to say. We get up and make sure doors are locked before you go to the attic. is not really an attic. Carlos House is on one level, but no entry we are in the directiona small cellar ceiling. No is large enough to sit in yourself, but enough to track in As Charles entered and closed the entrance to the crawl space, the front the door open. Many members of the band went through the house in search of Carlos. Almost the last of them is to walk in the door of my father. No looks very happy. has several blows to the front, where my mother hit the jackpot. I could not help but laugh to see, I know my father is walking with bruises on his forehead. I wonder what happened to the others about him, as he said, I have it. As soon as you can see not to leave. If anyone asks, say you will I'm still under construction and is fixed, of course, Charles was with me. do not want to take any chances, so we stayed up late the night in the space to decide crawl. It's not like we've never done this. Carlos and I have made many times. We had pillows, blankets and food is hidden here just for this purpose. We even small TelevisIon, who stole a neighbor a few years return. Although it does not pick that up here too, still have them. gives us something else to do, instead of always talking to each fixed others. Our route takes us to the corner where we keep everything. Carlos helps me throw my sleeping bag. Once I am established, Carlos Sandra Model Jpg is working on it. For now, I the head hits the sleeping bag, I fell asleep. I wake up the next morning to find out where I am. Then I remember that Carlos and I hid in our protection area. I looked at Carlos and yet I can not believe I'm still here. Why do I still firmly in the dream? Sandra Model Jpg Is this hell? Did I die and this is my punishment for what I did while still alive? Am I doomed to experience that s ugly day of my life for eternity? These are days I wish I never lived. So many questions kept going through my head. I have to figure out, woke up one of the answers by the time Carlos. Until then, I knew I was not going to find answers to the questions I ask. mustbe some reason why I am dreaming. I have with my day and the image out. I have to experience this dual reality itself. We have our stuff in the corner and make sure the coast is clear before are down. As soon as we arrived, the crawl space, we left the house through the back door. We know we can not stay in order here. If we do that, chances are we are. Most of the morning, we just walk around the neighborhood. Whenever we hear , a car or on foot as someone who sees us, jumped into a nearby bush ot in the yard. Finally we decided to get as far from the area as a as possible. no money did not get very far. Other than that, hunger, was tired in pain. My fingers and arms are almost takes me. I know that Carlos is tired as well. No matter what they say to each other to sleep up there on the track Space is not at all comfortable. I get tired, so I'll sit on a bench. Carlos joins me here in the bank to put in place across the city. It is for the driver ICity to sit bus, what time to arrive waiting for the bus. As I close my eyes, I hear a car coming to high. open my eyes, my father and some others to see. My father does not even have have to say a word. I know what you want from me. So I came up with Carlos the shoulder and walked into the car. in all the way to the house of my father does not say a word. In fact, no one says anything for us. To be on the safe side, not even look at Carlos and I at a time. I know not to give any reason to tilt my father again. I Sandra Model Jpg do not know how Carlos, but I think it might actually be gay. As soon as we got home, they have the opportunity to leave the car n. The car was surrounded by members of the band. You start Sandra Model Jpg to call the Charles and pull my car into the ground. It was then that I realized We are not in my house. In fact, we are in a parking lot somewhere. I can not even imagine where I am. My father gave the order, and the band auszuwirken begins with us. Some of them really hbird is in your hands. that s not shy away from them. Press after the lands affected me and I have no way of to protect me, as she hit me ! Sandra Model Jpg N I feel that the cast on his arm and pulled my hand to take again. I 'll scream in pain. I can not believe how bad hurts. It seems that the most cry, rather than stomping on the arm and hand. Through blurry eyes, I see my father. He is there, looking around the world. I'm beginning to think my father was actually ordered to kill me, and Carlos. He thinks they are actually gay, and lovers. My own father, true to his word n is really going to kill me, or I 'm already dead and just relive This part of my life. try to fight. I'm actually able to take some of them away from me, , but come back stronger. Back angrier than before. Before I knew it, I'm looking for at least ten boys in the shit out of me. I'm starting to cry out in pain again. I close my eyes, tears reduces start metforming I start screaming in pain, Sandra Model Jpg but somehow I can get above. When I open my eyes again, everything is dark. then I feel someone grab my shoulder. A voice is piercing the empty darkness, I am! I think I'm in a dream and goes to other. The voice trying to reassure me. "Okay Alex, I 'm here. All right... " Continued... Description : { not even know where to begin this chapter. I think it is best are the last part of the chapter to explain in case any of Sandra Model Jpg you lost. I to know us, as Alex was, what it is today. We met him in "Jacob his way of" trying to kill Jacob. But I never really knew what it was in this way. Yes, we know that he is part of a gang. We also know that is part of your family tradition. We also know that really have no choice in the matter. We all that, but we did not know about Alex, because he was a child. What Sandra Model Jpg we have n step, as it grew ? He had a lot of shit in your life that took him where he was in "Jacob Finding their way. " Now we look at two days of Alex 's childhood. Two days, where he lived at home when his father was in prison, and his best friend was with him. Two days of instruction from his father. can not show weakness no matter who it is. to reach their own blood for you, you have to kill. the strong survive and the weak lose. \\ \\ n in life, Alex down and that there really are few ways to part of Sandra Model Jpg a gang. Even if your father is running, you have to go through Sandra Model Jpg what everyone else does. the father Alex chose the beating instead of to commit a crime or kill someone. suspect that a good thing Alex was the father had done for him. However, we saw only 2 days Alex 's youth to show how his father got him father, ready for the world. Alex beat him before he acquired from his bed the morning. Then he broke his arm, elbow and fingers, as he thought, Alex and Carlos, were gay. got it, because they were in the same search in the mirror at the same time. no waand Alex can never know someone who is gay. He knew that if something comes back to his father, is dead for sure! It seems that Jacob appeared and helped Alex. He brought Dr. Whitmore, Dr. Whitmore, in turn brought Dr. Mitchell. Is not it sad that places n how, where Alex is thinking, if ownership of the state in which no deserve what everyone else gets for free? Yes they did wrong, but they do deserve proper medical treatment. Carlos is finally with friend Matt. This is good for Alex. It s also good to have that officer Jackson, Charles and Alex decided to stay. Alex as Carlos needs a friend beside him. You never know what is thrown of the two. so much going on right now and yet the story has just begun. new people appear. This is accompanied by new plots are open to in the chapters. This story is just the beginning. So keep your all hats, buckles down and be ready for more twists and turns of Sandra Model Jpg this story, then a Carnival Ride. Idoes not mean much more to come and spoil the next chapters, , so it will not. But be warned ! Do not skip a chapter, or lost in the. So much to arrive at an answer in the chapters. Read future chapters, and enjoy! Please email me and let me know as I do if jacobmillertex aol. com, thanks ! CORNER } EDITOR : Boys had to deal with the dream sequence at the end very hard to reach the river law to get points across, and Jacob... and fuck your style! Oof, I whipped ! Let's hear your comments, ideas and comments on the chapter. that appreciate every one of your e -mail. Jacob has said anything about this chapter. All I can add, perhaps, only to be fluff, so I'll just say : Until next time " Daddy " by Rick
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